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RCM325B – available in regular and right hand catch. 32.5 in Mitt . Series Renegade. There is not much to choose between the Renegade and Player preferred models though this model is available for regular (left) or right handed catchers in black leather. Leather shell palm construction for durability and shape retention.

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It's a tool used in strength and conditioning too, so if you are thinking of improving your throws, you would do well to toss a mitt into your bag when you go to practice. If you are in pre-match warm up mode, once you are done with your throws, you can head into your proper catching, stopping and throwing and leave the mitt for when the bowlers are warming up and the keeper is tied up somewhere else.

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The webbing which helps the keeper to catch the ball can be seen between the thumb and index fingers. A wicket-keeper's gloves or mitt are large leather gloves worn by cricket players of the defending team which assist players in catching and fielding balls hit by a batsman or thrown by a teammate.

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Cricket is a gentleman's game and it would be changing too much from traditions for fielder to start wearing gloves. Also the outer leather of a cricket ball is not as hard as the outer cover of the baseball - this is the same as the inside too - the baseball is not made from soft cork, so the "sting" of catching a slow moving baseball bare-handed is much more than a cricket ball.

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A large glove, usually made of leather or similar material, with differing degrees of padding and usually some form of webbing in the large space between the thumb insert and the insert for the index finger; a baseball glove. It is used to assist in catching the baseball. The catcher's mitt has more padding and less webbing.

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This video gives full comparison of BALL, BAT and GLOVES used in games of BASEBALL and CRICKET. CRICKET BALL WEIGHT Men’s cricket - Minimum 5.5 ounces/155.9 ...

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