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Handicap betting is a form of sports betting used to even the contest when there is a perceived strength differential between two opponents. When you place sports bets on any sport, the handicap line is something that you have available to you and something that you can take advantage of. When using the handicap line in ice hockey, I think it has even more of an advantage because of the way the game is played towards the end and the opportunities that a team has to score.

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Hockey is generally wagered on using moneyline odds (bet on outright winner) and totals (Over/Under goals). Here are some basic tips and tactics for handicapping the NHL betting odds: Look at ...

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9 NHL Handicapping Betting Tips from Expert Hockey Handicappers by Docsports.com - 8/17/2021 Doc's Sports Services is the most trusted and well-respected sports information company in the United ...

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NHL Handicapping. Hockey betting will never reach the level of some of the other major sports in this country, but it also has a die-hard fan base, some of which wager on the games. The sport is unique in many senses and handicapping offers quite a few different variables compared to other markets. If you’re a fan or the game and want to start betting or if you’re an existing NHL handicapper that wants to improve their skills – this article will help you learn the basics and will ...

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Handicap. Handicap betting is offered when one ice hockey team is heavily favoured against another. To even things out, the bookmaker will offer a handicap on the number of goals in the winning margin. For example, if one team has a handicap of -1, a bet on them will only be successful if they win by more than one goal. Betting on the opposing team at +1 will win you the bet if that team wins or if the match ends in a draw. Total Goals

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Goaltending is incredibly volatile and hard to project. Most hockey bettors and modelers will agree that it is the hardest part of handicapping hockey. The best way to get an idea of how good a goaltender is to use a few different statistics and piece them together for a big-picture view. 1. 5v5 Save Percentage (SV%)

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While the term ‘puck line’ is pretty much unique to NHL handicap betting, it is used much like the traditional spreads or ice hockey handicap betting. However, punters have been crunching the numbers on some of these betting offers, and the math comes up in favour of Puck Line betting offers. An average puck line of +1,5 provides incredible value in terms of the ratio of betting odds to actual probability.

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Ice Hockey Betting Strategy #1 – Handicap Betting Handicap betting is a popular betting option that is found in many sports including soccer, American football, basketball, baseball and ice hockey. Essentially, handicap betting, also known as favourites/underdog betting , is when the sportsbook will extend the number of goals the favourite needs to win by .