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Australia Powerball Prizes and Odds of Winning

The odds of winning any Powerball prize are 1 in 44, while the chances of winning the ...

Australia Powerball Lotto Odds Calculator

How to use the Lotto Odds Calculator. Enter the number of balls to be drawn Enter the total number of balls from which these are drawn Choose the total number of prize levels the lottery has, eg: Match 6, Match 5, Match 4 and Match 3 would be 4 levels If the lottery includes 'bonus' numbers eg: a Powerball, tick the "include bonus balls" box If ...

One maths lecturer on whether you should enter Powerball ...

What are the chances of winning Powerball? a six in 40 chance of getting the first ball drawn, times a five in 39 chance of getting the second, times a four in 38 chance of getting the third, times a three in 37 chance of getting the fourth. times a two in 36 chance of getting the fifth, times a one ...

Which Australian Lottery Has the Best Odds? - Lottoland.com.au

The odds of hitting the jackpot are 1 : 76,767,600, though it's the additional prize divisions ...

What Are Your Chances Of Winning The Lotto? | Oz Lotteries

Oz Lotto Div 7 gives you a 1 in 87 chance at winning in some capacity and Powerball Div 9 gives you a 1 in 66 chance. Of course, as you reach higher in the divisions and get to the bigger prize pools, the odds of winning lotto and Powerball begin to get a little more spaced out. Of all the major lotteries you can play in Australia your chances of winning lotto are highest with Saturday Lotto, strictly statistically speaking, but the jackpot for Powerball is always much higher.

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Powerpik Australian Lottery- How to play and win Powerball

You have a 1 in 44 chance of winning a prize on Australia Powerball. The odds of winning the Division 1 prize are 1 in 134,490,400. Australia Powerball jackpots begin at AU$3 million and can rise quickly through rollovers. The Australia Powerball jackpot can roll for a maximum of 25 draws, which can lead to impressive nine-figure amounts.

The winning Powerball numbers to make you a millionaire

1 in 66. $AUD 10.45. Overall odds of winning: 1 in 44. Though Powerball is a lottery game of chance but if you do a bit of study and research by finding the frequent winning numbers drawn by going to the lottery websites > results > winning numbers.

System and Pick entries - The ultimate guide for 2021

Powerball. For Saturday, Monday and Wednesday Lotto, the odds of hitting 6 numbers with a Standard entry is 1 in 8,145,060, and 1 in 210 with a System 20 entry. The lower the number, the better the odds.