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Center-Midfield’s Positioning Guide

The center midfielder helps create the offensive threat and thus is supposed to go as far up the field as the opposing teams 18-yard box. This is not to say that the center cannot enter the 18-yard box, however, this area will be generally occupied by the forwards and does not require you to be so deep.

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A Center Midfielder is pure and simple the brain of the team. Arguably the most difficult position other than keeper is the player that everything must go through. Keeping the rhythm of the game, being dangerous going forward and being able to link to every player on the pitch are a few of the important roles of a world class center mid.

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This 4-1-2-2-1 soccer formation is popular with modern professional teams, a more fluid twist on a standard 4-3-3, this formation affords a defensive midfielder to shield a defense, and works particularly well for counter attacking teams, the two midfielders operate in tandem helping the team to transition quickly between attack and defense, the three attacking players are allowed freedom to switch positions to unsettle defenses.

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The center midfielders are augmented by two players on the ‘flanks’ to their left and right. Known as ‘wing backs’ it is their job to get to get up and down the touchline in order to get crosses in for their two strikers to get on the end of and also to get back and prevent opposition wingers doing the same should their side lose possession.

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Center Midfield. The center mid, or central midfielder, needs to play well with all players. The jack of all trades: can push up to be offense and score and assist a goal, is the centerpiece of the midfield, and drops back to help the defense. The Center mid should have great ball control and must be one of the best passers on the team.

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The 4-2-3-1 soccer formation consists of 4 defenders, 2 midfielders, 3 attacking midfielders, and a center-forward. Most top coaches prefer it because it employs the 4-4-2 diamond strategy with the added advantage of having wide players. 4. 3 5 2 Soccer Formation

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Weaknesses of Formation • Requires the Center Midfielder to be very mobile and could be vulnerable if wide players don’t tuck in • Players can be very ridged with their movement in the attack, forwards have to work off each other • Requires a high level of discipline defensively and is set up to win the ball back later rather than earlier

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