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The Official US Youth Soccer Coaching Manual

The Official US Youth Soccer Coaching Manual Table of Contents. Page. Dedication Introduction Chapter 1 Caution: Children at Play, Proceed With Care Chapter 2 Foundations of Coaching Children Chapter 3 Effective Coaching Behavior Chapter 4 Coaching Five and Six Year Olds: 22“Which Way Do I Go?”.

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2010 4/Kindergarten Soccer Practice Guide

assign each kid a number between one and five. So each team has a number one, a number two, etc. Try to make sure the kids with the same number are evenly matched. Set up two very wide "goals" with pylons. Spread the five kids on each side across each goal line. Call out one or more numbers, and those kids come out to play 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2,

Soccer Kid (1993) - MobyGames

Aliens attempting to steal the World Cup have crashed as they tried to flee, and the Cup has been broken, its pieces scattered around the globe. As Soccer Kid, you must retrieve it. During your journey you will visit Britain, Italy, Russia, Japan, and finally the States. Soccer Kid is a platform game with some unique elements. As the name implies, you have to kill your enemies with your ball.

Soccer Kid - Wikipedia

Soccer Kid is a platform game where players take control of the titular character travelling across the world in order to retrieve and restore the world cup from the clutches of the alien pirate Scab, who plans to add it to his ever-growing collection. By pressing different buttons at the title screen, the player can change the colours of their character's clothes in order to represent their favorite team.

The Ultimate SOCCER

The Ultimate Soccer Warm-Ups Manual 126 quick, easy and fun ways to kick-start your coaching sessions Page About the author 4 Foreword 5 Legal notices 6 Introduction 7 Chapter 1 Warm-ups without a ball 11 Chapter 2 Agility ladder warm-ups 27 Chapter 3 Warm-ups with a ball each 31 Chapter 4 Warm-ups with a ball between two 39

U9 U12 Instruction Manual - CORE Soccer Academy

1. Move through a set of 3 cones/rings as quick as possible by placing 2 feet between each cone/ring. Get into a set position before the ball is struck or thrown. Raise your hands up behind the ball and squeeze it tightly OR control it to the ground directly in front of your feet.


In 1998, members of the SOCCER-COACH-L mailing list began a project to create a soccer coaching manual for new and experienced coaches of young soccer players (players in the range of 4 to 11 years of age). This work was completed in the first quarter of 1999 and the manual was placed on the list’s web site. The most current version of

So You Want To Be A Soccer Player?

There are four areas of Soccer player development. When combined together they create the “Complete” Soccer player: 1. Technical 2. Physical 3. Tactical 4. Mental If you want to tap into your full potential as a Soccer player you need to consistently work to improve every area (rather than 1 or 2). Remember, there is always room for improvement.

26 Soccer Activities For 5 Year Olds (2021) - ABCDee Learning

Passing and trapping are essential for beginners to learn how to play soccer! Kids need to learn the importance of using their teammates! Passing Tips . 1. Non-kicking foot next to the ball. 2. Use the inside of your foot. 3. Contact the ball in the middle. 4. Follow through, so your kicking foot goes to your target. Trapping Tips . 1.