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Wrist action - forehand topspin - All about Tennis HD - YouTube

What is the wrist doing during a topspin forehand?german version: https://youtu.be/Ae8WuCZEq1kIn this YouTube-Video Markus Hantschk, former ATP- top-100-play...

The Modern Forehand Drop & Wrist Lag Techniques ... - Feel Tennis

To let a player experience what a stable wrist does for them, I have the player extend their arm forward while holding their racket with the forehand grip. Then I push the racket, holding it on both ends towards the player. Next I ask the player to open their fingers, and I push the racket again into their palm.

Tennis Forehand Instruction - Correct Wrist Movement For ...

Tennis Forehand Instruction - Correct Wrist Movement For ForehandClick Here For FREE Serve Video Course:https://www.ctwacademy.com/serve-courseTennis forehan...

Loose or Firm Wrist on Forehand? - Essential Tennis

0:00 / 4:49 •. Live. •. Develop your psychic powers so you can know exactly what your opponents will do next – Click Here! Everyone can agree that wrist tension play a tremendous role in forehand technique…. But how much (or little) tension is best is a subject of much debate. In this video I’ll clear up some confusion and give you ...

Improve Your Forehand Loop by Relaxing the Wrist

Hooking and fading is one way to use your wrist to change your forehand loop, and it is great for variation, but while the wrist does move away from a neutral position, it remains fixed in place during the stroke. You are using the wrist to alter the angle you can get on the ball, not to improve the quality of your shot with extra speed and spin.

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What's Your Wrist Action? - Dr. Yessis SportLab

Wrist flexion occurs in tennis forehand hitting. The wrist action you use in a throw determines the final outcome. Not only is it the avenue through which your total force is imparted to the ball but it also determines the pathway taken by the ball (accuracy).

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You will be able to achieve this if your wrist is cocked. Further, as you swing your racket forward to contact the tennis ball, your palm is facing the target. It is still facing away from your body. After you hit the ball, you finish the stroke with the follow through. The rolling action or turning of the wrist when you bring the racket up.

Want more topspin? Think “hello/goodbye” | The Road to 4.5 Tennis

Racquet face should be at about 45 degree angle in preparation, pointing towards around 3:00pm. #2. Wrist then rotates clockwise like turning doorknob ( e.g. “HELLO” to someone on the right as above) such that the angle of your racquet points back to around 7:30pm.