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Study the “Play Tennis” self-rating chart Start reading from the top of the chart, beginning with Level 1.0. Find the level that best describes your general level of play. Ask your Instructor or Coach to validate your self-rating, if you think that will help.

NTRP Tennis Rating System

Find your tennis rating using National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) categories. This is the most accurate rating system available and was developed by the U.S. Tennis Association in 1979. Player levels are based on a scale from 1.0 to 7.0. This player is Just starting to play tennis.

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Just learning tennis. First few lessons, beginner level. 1.5: A tennis player with very limited court experience. This player is working on basic strokes and serves, trying to keep a ball in play. 2.0: BEGINNER: This player knows how to hit all of the strokes, but lacks court experience.

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At this level, you may find that you need work in more stressful matches and controlling your power. So what’s next for you? At a level 6.0 or higher, you will not need a NTSA rating – your rating is determined by match play. Go get ‘em tiger! General Characteristics of the Different Tennis Rating Player Levels (NRTP & USTA Guidelines) 1.5

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Tennis Skill Test - Check List Student's Name: Completed √ Racquet Quickness 1 Partners stand 6 feet apart while balancing their racquets upside down on the racquet tip. On signal, they release their racquet and try to catch their partner’s racquet before it falls to the ground. Ball Balance 2

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Above all, tennis should be fun. Players can get the most enjoyment from the sport by playing with others of a similar level for more compatible matches. Designed simply as a guide, the rating categories may be adjusted depending on your competitive ability or as your skills change. Ultimately, your rating is based on your match results.

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ASSESSMENTS. It is impossible to know if a player is getting better if you don’t know where they started. We follow a constant process of Assess-Review-Training-Tracking-ReAssess, which allows us to constantly know the exact areas that need to be improved based on the current demands of their tennis schedule. Many different factors will have an affect on a players tennis success, and therefore need to be assessed and tracked.

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Jump to the 4.5 level if you are able to confidently get points off of your first serve and place your second serve with accuracy, and if you also are hitting with power and spin, and able to dictate pace. Place your skills at the 5.0 to 5.5 level if your game includes a variety of strategies, power, precision and consistency.

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Level 4.0. You have dependable strokes, including directional control and depth on both forehand and backhand sides on moderate-paced shots. You can use lobs, overheads, approach shots and volleys with some success and occasionally force errors when serving. Rallies may be lost due to impatience. Teamwork in doubles is evident.