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Zero in tennis is always called 2. Mix blue and yellow and you’ll get GREEN. The first point you win in a game is 3. You should wash your clothes when they get DIRTY. The second point you win in a game is 4. I have a friend and his nick name is SHORTY. The Third point you win in a game is 5. The last car on a train is called a CABOOSE.

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Tennis is played on a rectangular court, usually with a grass, clay, or hard court surface. The ...

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Next Page - Tennis Vocabulary 02. of 06. Tennis Vocabulary . Print the pdf: Tennis Vocabulary Sheet. Next Page - Tennis Crossword Puzzle 03. of 06. Tennis Crossword ...

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Tennis rules & vocabulary. 35 terms. Hannah_Kimsey6. OTHER SETS BY THIS CREATOR. CHE 4220 Exam 2. 203 terms. annabsheff. CHE 4220 Exam 1. 134 terms. annabsheff.

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Tennis Vocabulary Level: intermediate Age: 13-15 Downloads: 9 : FALSE FRIENDS : a tennis match game (instructions + key) Level: intermediate Age: 14-17 Downloads: 7 :

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Answer Key CHAPTER 2: A Fitting Education VOCABULARY BUILD (pages 26–27) DESCRIPTION VOCABULARY FROM READING school you attend when you are fourteen to seventeen years old secondary school schools you attend as an adult to learn a trade public colleges, institutes of technology, community colleges, polytechnics, colleges of applied arts

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sports vocabulary matching worksheet answer key LOOK AT THE WORDS IN THE LIST BELOW AND WRITE THEM UNDER THE CORRECT PICTURES volleyball basketball golf karate running hand gliding baseball snowboarding windsurfing rollerblading tennis water skiing surfing archery weight lifting boxing rock climbing football parachuting ice skating skiing hockey skateboarding cycling gymnastics 1) karate 2) rollerblading 3) gymnastics 4) skateboarding 5) windsurfing 6) surfing 7) weight lifting 8 ...

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1. running and tennis 2. on the street / at a track / on a tennis court 3. sports shoes (trainers), tennis racket Page 9 15 1. 13 3. always 5. weekend 2. running 4. well Page 9 16 1. f Ben goes running every day. 2. f Ben plays tennis two or three times a week in summer. 3. t 4. f Ben goes running when he feels stressed. 5. t Speaking Page 10 1

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cher’s Guide Answer Key Write the Spanish vocabulary word below each picture. If there is a word or phrase, copy ... Teacher’s Guide Answer Key ... tennis racket ...