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How To Serve A Volleyball Underhand – Better At Volleyball

How do you serve a volleyball underhand? Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to mastering the underhand serve: 1. Use Your Non-Dominant Hand to Hold The Ball. For the basic underhand serve, you are going to use your dominant hand to strike the ball. You will hold the ball in your opposite hand, cupping the ball like on a golf tee.

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This is to practice the transfer of weight from our back foot to our front foot. The weight transfer generates most of the power for our serve and is critical for smaller players to master. Step 2: The Armswing. Alright, rocking back and forth seems pretty simple. Now we want to add our armswing.

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How to Serve a Volleyball. 1. Start in an up-and-back stride with most of your weight on your back right foot. 2. The left hand holds the volleyball extended forward and in front of your right side. 3. The shoulder is forward and the right shoulder is back ready to draw back. 4. Toss the ball in front of your right side.

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Stand behind the baseline with the ball in your non hitting hand. Place the ball out in front of the centre of your body with the ball just below shoulder height. Next gently toss the ball straight up in front of yourself and draw your hitting arm back, like an archer pulling a bow.

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3 Methods to Serve a Volleyball

* Perfect your underhand serve first, so that if you have a bad overhand serving day, you are always confident with that. * Try to remember to hit it with your palm. If it his the sides or your fingers, the ball is going to travel crooked. * You should be able to hear a solid thud when you hit the ball if it is a good serve.

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Serving a volleyball is most easily done by utilizing the underhand serve, which requires you to hold the ball in your non-dominant hand and strike the ball ...

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The Underhand Serve The underhand serve is a great option for beginning players because it is the easiest of the three types of serves to master. Since every rally begins with a serve, the primary goal of any inexperienced server should be to just put the ball into play. Posture Practicing good underhand serving posture prepares you to be a consistent underhand server and can also prepare you for overhand serving.